My Neighborhood

Oh “38 Gilman Street Hartford” how I still have dreams of living in my mint green home and the memories that our family made…the late nights lounging under the grape vines in the backyard, making a slip and slide on the small strip of grass by flooding it with the hose, the fruit flies that emerged during the wine making season that flew around the house, the neighbors cheering me on as I drove the car for the first time and swerved into our narrow driveway, running up the street to catch the ice cream truck, dumping water on my little brother on hot summer days from the second floor window and climbing the cherry tree with my sister to pick the cherries before the birds got to them. I’m so thankful my family gave us this home to grow up in. I’m so grateful to have grown up in Hartford. #hartford #hartfordhasit #italian #neighborhood #painting #handmade #art

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