Whiteface mountain

Boy do I need to get some fresh air and get away with the family. I actually had a dream last night that I was getting everyone’s passport updated. Another thing added to my list of things to do. Now I need to figure out where to go. ❤️☁️🏔

Clouds on Whiteface mountain, 8×8” mixed media

Satsuma Mandarin

Satsuma Mandarin #1

Satsuma Mandarin #2

Satsuma Mandarin #3

Satsuma Mandarin #4

While grocery shopping at Whole Foods I walked past these beautiful Satsuma Mandarins. They stopped me in my tracks and I stood there admiring them, especially because at the time it was a long winter in New England and I was yearning for some type of greenery in my life.  I had to put them in my basket and bring them home to paint. ❤️🍊

If you’re yearning for mandarins like I was I have these watercolors for sale at my shop.