Whiteface mountain

Boy do I need to get some fresh air and get away with the family. I actually had a dream last night that I was getting everyone’s passport updated. Another thing added to my list of things to do. Now I need to figure out where to go. ❤️☁️🏔

Clouds on Whiteface mountain, 8×8” mixed media

Satsuma Mandarin

Satsuma Mandarin #1

Satsuma Mandarin #2

Satsuma Mandarin #3

Satsuma Mandarin #4

While grocery shopping at Whole Foods I walked past these beautiful Satsuma Mandarins. They stopped me in my tracks and I stood there admiring them, especially because at the time it was a long winter in New England and I was yearning for some type of greenery in my life.  I had to put them in my basket and bring them home to paint. ❤️🍊

If you’re yearning for mandarins like I was I have these watercolors for sale at my shop.

Webster Theater

Webster Theater was a place that sparked the beginning of my deep appreciation for live music of all kinds. Nothing could replace the feeling of being in a space where you could feed off the energy of the people, love being drenched in sweat from dancing and/or moshing and be thrown around while crowd surfing (which was my favorite thing to do). My sister would grab the Hartford Advocate and circle the music events that were playing then my mom would drop us off with a pocket full of change so we could call her every hour to make sure we were okay. Thank you Mom for giving us our independence. ❤️ Thank you Webster Theater for creating a venue that has given me endless amazing memories. 🎶🎵🥁🎸🎼🎤 •

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Saint Augustine Church

Saint Augustine Church…a place where I felt safe, where I sang in the choir, where I attended Girl Scouts and I baptized my baby girl. So many wonderful memories ❤️#saintaugustinechurch #hartford #southend #hartfordhasit #hartfordct #church #neighborhood #artist #artistlife #painting #mixedmedia #handmade

My Neighborhood

Oh “38 Gilman Street Hartford” how I still have dreams of living in my mint green home and the memories that our family made…the late nights lounging under the grape vines in the backyard, making a slip and slide on the small strip of grass by flooding it with the hose, the fruit flies that emerged during the wine making season that flew around the house, the neighbors cheering me on as I drove the car for the first time and swerved into our narrow driveway, running up the street to catch the ice cream truck, dumping water on my little brother on hot summer days from the second floor window and climbing the cherry tree with my sister to pick the cherries before the birds got to them. I’m so thankful my family gave us this home to grow up in. I’m so grateful to have grown up in Hartford. #hartford #hartfordhasit #italian #neighborhood #painting #handmade #art